The way it works

You can receive short messages as an SMS to your phone.

Call phone number 020-22 11 44

  1. The interpreter at Teletal will respond to your call
  2. You and the interpreter prepare the call together
  3. The interpreter calls the person you want to call
  4. The interpreter gives you support during your conversation
  5. When the call is finished the third person is removed from the conversation
  6. You and the interpreter summarize the conversation


At Teletal you can get notes regarding the important things that’s been said during the call.
We only write the important words from the conversation.
The notes are sent to you by post, email or as an audio file. You can also receive short messages as an SMS to your phone. Tell the interpreter before you call the third person that you want to have notes.

Prepare with an email

You can prepare your call by sending an email to the interpreter (
You can write where and whom to call and talk about your case. Remember to send your email at least 30 minutes before calling.

More info


Weekdays 07.30–20.00

Weekends 12.00–16.00

Phone:020-22 11 44


Phone: 0046-8-21 11 19

Teletal works in Sweden.

Calls abroad are only allowed at max 3 min.